You are giving the gift of sweet dreams instead of sleepless nights worrying about the high cost of cancer care.

Delivering a second chance to dance with any contribution.

Space and grace for blood cancer patients who need long term, safe and affordable housing. 

Looming over these profound life and death questions, is how will we pay the medical bills? Afford the prescriptions? Work? Find housing? Then, add into this equation the price of living away from home for several months. It is daunting. 

Truly for me finding a place that allowed me to heal that suited my emotional, physical and financial needs was more painful than cancer. Housing costs crush families in a crisis situation.  

With your financial help and our experience we will create places of space and grace. 

A cancer diagnosis is terrifying.

Eight months in Rochester, MN at Mayo Clinic were devastating physically, financially, and emotionally. The worry about where I was going to lay my head down every night was more stressful than the rounds of chemotherapy, the bone marrow biopsies, and the daily blood draws. Housing support is essential to patient recovery. I am in remission and on a mission to make housing affordable and accessible for patients. Mission possible with your help and our dedication to the cause.

but today I am thriving thanks to the power of people, prayer and science. 

Diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in 2018 my chances for survival were slim

Helping each other navigate big life moments since college, Maura took on the search for extended housing options when Shannon was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and was told she would need to live in Rochester for months.

We’re on a mission to provide housing for cancer patients and stem cell patients who need affordable and specialized housing options.

we are maura & shannon

There is nothing more valuable to a blood cancer patient than blood, platelets, and plasma. These are truly selfless acts of epic proportions. Be the Match –Stem cell donation program. Red Cross blood donation. Easy, Painless. Powerful, Purposeful.

Host a patient and his/her family. Do you have extra space to host a patient and his/her caregiver? Empty nesters, Retired, Open bedrooms, Mother in law suite. We are looking for people living within 10 minutes of Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN who would be willing to share their homes while the patient is receiving outpatient services. 1-6 month commitment.

Providing places of hope, housing, healing for blood cancer patients. Your funds go directly for extended housing. Your generous donation is critical and needed to support cancer patients by providing a home away from home through their treatment journey. Housing. Hope. Healing. 

 transform cancer patient care

three ways to

Creative low cost and free ways to help cancer patients, caregivers, and families

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My friend has cancer. How can I help?  

Altoona, WI

"My husband postponed his transplant because we couldn’t afford housing in Rochester, MN. His leukemia came back and transplant was his only option but his body was in rough shape because we delayed treatment and he ended up dying eight months after his stem cell transplant."


"Our family ended up staying in a camper at the KOA campground after transplant. It wasn’t ideal especially for my husband who had multiple issues besides leukemia but we needed housing that would support a family of five, allow me to be his caregiver, work remotely, and be within the mandatory limits of Mayo Clinic. Three days of camping was fun, four months of camping while being a mom, working, home-schooling, care-giving and surviving was frantic."

North Dakota

The financial struggle during Todd’s treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia and transplant was daunting to say the least. Our semi-furnished apartment near Mayo was $1700/month so basically another mortgage payment. Just having someplace to turn to that may be able to help with housing can give a person peace of mind when their world is turned upside down. 

Mayo Clinic

"Besides medical concerns, housing is the biggest issue for all of our blood and stem cell cancer patients."

A Matter of Fact

Together we are powerful.
 Let’s make Home4Healing happen.

& Your Help




We will engrave the rocks, send you a photo, and then place the rocks permanently in a “living” art sculpture that will grow over time. 

It is our way of saying thanks for being a “Rock Solid” foundation of hope for blood cancer patients and their caregivers.

When you donate to Home4Healing, Be The Match, or Blood we would like to honor you with a laser engraved rock with your word of hope, a tribute to a patient or your name.

Hope Rocks