Power from people like you make all the difference in making housing happen.

Provides a place to Heal
 for the patient.

Provides a place for caregiver
to Help with care.

Provides a House close to Mayo.

Provides Hope for families.

Provides a place to Heal for the patient.
Provides a place for caregiver to Help with care.
Provides a House close to Mayo.
Provides Hope for families.

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Host a patient and his/her family. Do you have extra space to host a patient and his/her caregiver? Empty nesters, Retired, Open bedrooms, Mother in law suite. We are looking for people living within 20 minutes of Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN who would be willing to share their homes while the patient is receiving outpatient services. 1-6 month commitment.Take a survey to see if you qualify.

Host a Patient

Eau Claire, WI

"I am in remission and my MISSION is to create a network of places that partner with our organization to provide a safe, comfortable, reasonably priced place to heal."

Eau Claire, wI

"Trying to find hotels and a comfortable place to stay while receiving treatment in Rochester for my Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia was maddening and expensive. Having housing that patients can come and go would be a game changer."

A Matter of Fact

There are limited options for blood cancer and stem cell transplant patients because of the patient’s unique and complex needs.

Gift of LIfe Transplant House provides housing for patients and caregivers. It is a communal space that provides private rooms with public kitchens and shared spaces.

Hope Lodge provides housing for cancer patients, but not for blood cancer patients.

Travis’ House through the Red Drop Resources provides 2 apartments for blood cancer patients.

Are there other options for housing like the Ronald McDonald House?


We have lofty goals and with the generous support of our donors we hope to house 100 patients and families our first year and double that the following year. It is our dream to offer housing support to every family in need. Although it might seem out of reach we are determined to dream big and produce places of space and grace for these cancer warriors.

How many people does Home4Healing expect to help each year?


According to the leukemia and lymphoma society, one person is diagnosed with a blood cancer every three minutes. Mayo Clinic treats thousands of blood cancer patients a year.

If you are diagnosed with leukemia and need a stem cell transplant, you and a caregiver need to stay for a minimum of 3 months within 20 minutes of Mayo. - Shannon’s stay was 9 months, that is $27,000 in housing costs! 

How many people are diagnosed with blood cancers in a year?


Cost of housing varies tremendously, but all short and long term options are expensive. Subsidized care facilities like Gift of Life Transplant house charge $1000 a month for a communal living space whereas a furnished apartment or hotel room averages $3000 a month.

What is the average cost of housing per month?


According to Mayo social workers EVERY patient needs some type of accommodations if they don’t live in the Rochester area. Overnight visits for appointments, ongoing testing and procedures, and outpatient care during treatment and transplant all require a patient to stay nearby.

How many people need housing while receiving treatment for blood cancer?


Money matters! Your donation of money funds housing. We are a volunteer organization and are dedicated to this mission, Also, hotel points, donating blood at the American Red Cross, providing a stem cell sample at BetheMatch.org, or writing a letter of support to a cancer patient or caregiver are all instrumental in supporting cancer care. Donate Now.

What is the best way to support Home4Healing?


Frequently Asked Questions

Money, hosting, donating blood, swabbing for stem cell matching, and sending messages of hope through our healing words campaign all matter.

We need your help. This matters. 


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